Antique Cast-iron Bench

Items #05971


An unusual cast-iron seat reflecting the basic form of “Schinkel style” seats, but with simplified geometric patterned back, Continental, ca. 1880.  32 ins. high, 50 ins. wide, 19 ins. deep; seat height 16.5 ins., seat depth 13 ins.

The form of this seat bears close resemblance, particularly in the shape of the side supports, to the 1825 seat design produced for the Potsdam Parks in Berlin by Prussian architect, Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841).  However, the original design, of which there are a few variations, is far more ornate and usually includes winged cherubs, lyres, and swags on the back.  This seat appears to be an adaptation of the original design.

Barbara says, "I love the simple lines of this seat, it's not making a grand statement just offering a place to sit while sending a silent message that art has a place in the garden".